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Lisa | Creative Director of LD13

I was born and raised in Augsburg, Germany, and moved to New York, USA to design valuable fashion. I define myself as LD13; a fashion lover, creator, visionary, and artist. As an ambitious, playful, and powerful designer, I aim to set new standards in the modern fashion world.

Especially for Generation Z, LD13 will serve as a source of inspiration. We show how a harmonious coexistence of humans, insects, materials, and culture can succeed. This also determines the selection of our cooperation partners. By working with selected farmers as well as local textile manufacturers, we deliver the redefinition of a down-to-earth, luxurious and sustainable, communicative, and local lifestyle. Our designs reflect the high level of artisanal techniques grounded in European and American roots.

The goal of LD13 is to produce unique materials, textiles, and garments that combine natural material systems in new ways, reinterpret ancient knowledge, celebrate the art of craftsmanship and the diversity of life!

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