aufmacher collection 1

What we have to offer currently:
"Faustus Wardrobe."

Faustus Wardrobe is a fusion of plant-based synthetic material & natural material explorations, reflecting the LD13 baby steps in understanding materials and their properties.
Its story is inspired by Faust, a legendary German play written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a book that goes so deep in trying to understand & mirror the tragic irony of a human soul.
Our Wardrobe inspired by Faust are the first steps to understand the DNA of LD13, a brand and atelier that goes deep to understand society's needs and wishes. The community is an essential part of how we create, grow and learn. Faust's story reminds us who we are when walking in the dark. Symbolic for this Wardrobe and beyond are the arteries expressing the place we call home, the energy and memories of Goethe's timeless sayings about the human soul & its drive for perfection when living in an imperfect world.
The garments embody the complexity of one soul when driving for youth, love, and knowledge.
The question we ask and continue to ask is:

“How do we want to be remembered?"

A Wardrobe of witty, edgy & funky pieces can be combined with every look and offers our client a timeless/ season-less Wardrobe. Faustus Wardrobe are our first pieces & the following collection is already in the works.