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Farm to Wardrobe

Atelier LD13 supports a slower-paced system where we celebrate local knowledge, sustain biodiversity, and build on techniques learned in the crafts to create less but better emotionally/significantdesigns.

Our vision: Farm to Wardrobe

Atelier LD13, builds a library of heritage, that connects cultures and material traditions through the Farm to Wardrobe voyage into a magical world. The cochineal, the parasite of the ecosystem and it’s natural dye of vibrant red, represents the passion of creating that ignites and questions the ideas of the “fashion system”.

We are working together directly with the Farmer who produces & grows our materials. The manufactures that work with us, be it our in-house heritage breed textile with American Woolen in the US or our manufactures in Europe. It's essential to us to know where materials come from to sustain the heritage, culture, and communities that stand behind it to create less but more impactful Wardrobes that speak for the communities we support and the diversity in the environment we want to sustain. With mentors & collaborators such as Isabella Rossellini, María Elena Pombo, Scott Angel, Cochineal Farmer Lorenzo Perez & Romeldale sheep Farmer Marie, we listen to every voice in the system that brings our vision to life.
LD13 is more than clothes on a rag, the cover of a magazine, or a trend that lasts less than a week; it's a a community that brings the art back re-imagines what fashion can be and celebrates the diversity rooted in our garments' DNA.